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Transportation Design:

1/ BMW iconokläst /exterior/[email protected]/public yet personal vehicle/robotic micro car/taxi system/user membership concept/digital jewelry as pageable interface for hailing a vehicle with wearable tracking device

2/ HOLISTICA luck of the draw /interior/3seater/youth segment personal vehicle/social life/electric drive-by-wire with magnetically self arranging seat configuration

3/ urbanMOBILITY nightcrawlersexterior/dense urban segment/1 seater/personal vehicle/alternative lifestyle/electric drive-by-wire/minimum footprint/maximum self-expression

4/NISSAN o::robiiexterior&interior/1seater/personal vehicle/elderly user/active lifestyle/electric drive-by-wire/robotic assist drive system/ergonomic hand&body exercises as steering interface/carpal tunnel prevention/car as companion/AI integration documents conversations between user and vehicle

5/ MAZDA mikoshiexterior&interior/[email protected]/Kei car segment/family&camping vehicle/elderly user/robot interface/robotically controlled vehicle system/humanistic design/harmony with nature

6/JPL explorinterplanetary natural resource rover/robotic exploration unit/collecting samples of new materials&minerals&metals

7/ MERCEDES haipaiexterior&interior/2 passenger/mixed use & pedestrian zone friendly/augmented reality/mixed reality tourism vehicle/electric drive-by-wire/robotic/autonomous vehicle/low speed/upright seat&standing/public use personal vehicles/dense urban segment/cultural icon for the city of Shanghai/information kiosk for pedestrian zones/media sculpture for public space/creating a positive role for parked vehicles within urban environment

AR/new media Design:

1/ wiiBUMPSocial networking with car as interface for meeting new people/a way to passively interface other drivers while on the road

2/ [email protected] of robot designs for the home/ future appliances / study on effects of mass humanoid robot presence in a home / study on boredom in relation to human robot interaction

3/ haipai pedestrian to free-standing vehicle interface/animism/interactive media installation/projected information

4/ superfuturemixed reality implantable devices/physical capability, appearance, sensing enhancement

5/ i am meme...how artificial is your intelligence?

6/ conversations with computersVXML coding for an empathic conversation hotline and an endless conversation hotline/ commentary on how lonely computers have made us/ depiction of machine as artificial friend/ embodiment of human separateness /demonstrates how humans long for human interaction in a world where machines are replacing people to deal with people

7/ MoireDimensionsAR art installation / UMAMIcatessen restaurant / displaying qualities of virtual /visual interference as virtual embodiment

8/ Yoda's Brain interactive media installation T4C - London Gallery LA ArtWalk exhibition

9/digital divide internet cafeEarly conceptual developmentInterior Design / Web Presence

10/ LAYAR enlitenAR - augmented spiritual reality concept / designed wearable AR devices / prop design / research & conceptual collaborator
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