Titled PassionARt, this project began by placing a virtual 3D object I created in 3 design studios, in 3 cities -  Miami, NYC, and downtown LA. Using geo-location based AR markers, the three giant Passion Flower 3D models were view-able within the Layar browser. 

I created the PassionFlower model in a 3D design software from AutoDesk (Alias - which is a CAD type of modeling tool).  I then exported my flower model as an obj file and converted it to a Layar l3d file for upload. 


Flatland + M Theory inspired the 2 parallel membranes which, when viewed in line with eachother, create a moire pattern of virtual distortion over the physical surroundings.  It was a cool experiment on placing multiple augments in the same single layer within Layar.  These augments were done as part of the design process for a group exhibition in Downtown LA with Ryan D'Orazi and Mike Saijo from LOCAL_GRP.  The group show will be done under the name Chromatistes and located at the UMAMIcatessen restaurant, downtown LA.


A Marker-Based AR installation for UMAMIcatessen restaurant in downtown LA, featuring augments that were an extension of physically present art pieces by Mike Saijo which were hanging inside the restaurant. The floating moire disks were designed to be a worm-like extension of the tangible round art pieces hung on the opposing walls, perfectly aligned via image-recognition / marker-based AR POIs in Layar.

AR installation for UMAMIcatessen (continued):
The work I did for this project was inspired by the book Flatland and M Theory, titled MoireDimensions, it was also a way to demonstrate different scales for AR to be experienced within a space - it consisted of 5 different Augments relating to wall mounted sculpture, paintings, masks, and even some augments that seemed infinitely long and dispersed in the space.  The installation was intended for an audience with no prior knowledge about AR and served as an example of how this virtual dimension can be integrated within our everyday environment.
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